Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can I pay part of the amount at first, and pay the rest before delivery ?

    Yes, you can pay 50 percent of the amount at first, our staff will then begin to process you order, when your package is ready to send, you can pay the rest .


  • How long will my package be delivered?

    According to the quantity you ordered, it varies from 5 days to 15 days. It can be longer in some special case.


  • Why every product has a supplier?

    Because we offer interface for manufacturer in China. They can put products in our site . When you place an order, we will purchase it from the supplier.


  • If you are not the supplier,who will deliver my package?

    We do . we will collect products from different suppliers to our warehouse ,then send them together to you.


  •    Do you have minimum limit for an order?
  •    No,we don't. A product has its own limit. But we don't set limit for order amount.

     What about shipping fee and how can I estimate it?

     please use our shipping fee calculator:

     shipping fee calculator


     I don't konw how to find the products I am looking for?  

     You can use multiple keywords to search. For example, if you search "shoes" and comes out many kinds of shoes, you cannot see what you want. Then you can search 

    "shoes sandals","shoes casual","shoes heels",keywords like this to  make it more accurate;


      Why I can't track my package with my tracking number?

   It's not instant. It usually delayed one or two days to see it on the internet.



      what if I receive defective ones.

      We carefully check each product before delivery, for defective ones , we will send back to  supplier and refund to your balance.  Basically ,there should be no defective ones when we send your parcel, but if it happened, maybe caused by delivery , you should send us some proof , then we will refund money  according to actual situation.



      Can you do drop shipping.

     Yes, we can. But some kinds of products may not reach some specific countries. Like perfume cannot be shipped to Netherland . If this happened, we will contact you as   soon as possible.


      I saw same products in goods list, but the prices are different,why?

     It happened quite often that two same pruducts has different prices,it's because they come from different suppliers and our data come from the suppliers . If this happens, you can choose the cheaper one.



     Why shipping fee so exprensive?

     Walk-street strive to find cheapest delivery company here in China. But international shipping fee is expensive ,and we cannot control the price. When you receive your package, you can see your actual weight, your shipping fee is calculated by the actual weight, Walk-street doesn't make benefit from it.




  I received the parcel,but the price in the invoice less than your shop price?

   We usually write a decreased price in invoice to help you minimize or avoid taxes charged by your local Customs . If you believe we could help you avoid or minimize import taxes/duties, contact Customer Service to make a request and we will do what we can to assist you.




Can I get a discount if I buy large numbers of products?

Yes, if you buy large numbers of products, please place order first, then contact us to talk about the discount.











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