Refund policy

There are two kinds of refund.


(1) Before shipping

Stock and Availability shown on this site is for your reference only. While we strive to provide the most accurate and timely stock and availability information, availability information may become out of date and may change between the time you added an item to cart and the time your order is received.Because of this kind of situation,sometimes a product in your order will be out of stock. We will then refund money of the product.

The money will be returned to your account balance. You can withdraw it or use it to buy other items.




(2) After you receive package

If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, you may be eligible for a return or exchange depending on your situation and the type of item you purchased. We reserve the right to charge a handling fee on all items returned for non-quality issues.

In these three situations we will give you a full refund or you can return to change for a new one:


1.If we shipped you an incorrect item

2.If we shipped you an item in the wrong color

3.If we shipped you a defective or damaged item

(Since we may have different understanding about the size,so if it's about size, we don't refund, if you are not sure about the size, please contact us for measurement first.)


All returned items must be in brand-new condition, unused and with original tags and packaging.


You can click here to send us refund message



Note:information about refund will be shown in detail page of the order.

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