Read before placing order

In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstand, please know about our whole flow. It can be divided into 4 steps.


Step 1. Place order and pay at least 50%

Good news : If your estimate weight is less than the actual weight and the deviation less than 0.5KG, we won't charge again to avoid unnecessary trouble. 

If you are wondering about shipping fee, you can use our shipping fee calculator first.

 shipping fee calculator


Step 2. We begin to process your order. The process time varies from 4 days to 15 days. It depends on the quantity you ordered. In some special cases, it can be longer.

 (You can claim a full refund by contacting us within 12 hours after you finish payment. If it's longer than 12 hours, we'll have to charge 30% handling fee because we must have  already contacted the manufacturer to produce your products. )


Quantity of each item Estimate process day
<50 4~6 days
      50-200 5~10 days
>200 5~15 days

Step 3. All the products are in our warehouse now, If you order is not paid up,you make payment for the second time.(You can also add balance to your account. We will charge from your account balance. So you don't need to pay again here.)

(please make sure the Email in your order is available so we can notice you immediately)


Step 4. After the payment was confirmed , we deliver your package.


Confirm time of a payment:

Money Gram:12 hours.

Western Union :12 hours.

Bank transfer(T/T): within 3 days.

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